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The HTC 7 Mozart Smart Phone is here.

September 24, 2011

Most of the smartphones today have been taking advantage of the Android OS, and HTC is jumping in with everyone else with the HTC 7 Mozart; nonetheless, it has chosen to go with the Windows OS. A lot of of the company's latest devices are bigger than the iPhone and have a bunch of competitive features that are certain to turn a few heads. Nonetheless, HTC hasn't forgotten about Windows Mobile and since Microsoft brought out the new Windows Phone 7 OS, HTC promptly made a statement that it wishes to support both operating systems. Together with the newer OS, this new HTC Cell Phone has a rather impressive 3.7 inch screen and they have also added a number of great features.

Positive Aspects

The Windows Phone 7 platform already counts as a positive for the HTC 7 Mozart Smart-Phone as the Windows Phone 7 operating system is the newcomer attracting a lot of attention on its interface and increasing selection of quality applications. In order to show how serious they are about their new phone, HTC has increased their standards related to the hardware of the the new HTC smart phone. One of the original improvements is the application of the Snapdragon CPU, which boasts of a rather amazing 576 MB of RAM. You will actually be able to discover the power behind this new smart phone when Microsoft puts out its update which will be improving the performance of the operating system. Even though several of the new smartphone using the Windows 7 platform only use the OS as is, HTC has included other software to make sure its new smart phone is different.

HTC has distinctly focused more on the design than earlier HTC phones. The HTC 7 Mozart Smart-Phone features that modern design with several non-symmetrical elements on the back and rounded corners to make the phone look attractive from all angles. Another terrific thing is while HTC has made these improvements the battery life has not suffered for it. The HTC 7 Mozart smart phone will still last for 6 to 8 hours of regular usage just like most of other smartphones. The HTC 7 Mozart smart phone also has a rather impressive 8 GB of memory, terrific for saving all those videos you can record directly from your new smartphone. In addition, the audio quality is great compliment of the SRS and Dolby Mobile sound enhancements. Although the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone is terrific for using with Facebook, the fact that it has an Office document editor is something that truly makes this smartphone stick out from others.

The Negative Stuff

The quality of the camera of this HTC smart phone isn't actually the best compared to other phones with the huge 8-megapixel sensor but the Xenon flash and geotagging features pretty much make up for it. The fact that you will not be able to extend the memory on the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone is a problem for some people, but for most users the 8 GB will be more than adequate. Another drawback is that the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone has not attained its full potential yet since the Windows OS is still being updated.

To Summarize

Luckily, folks who are considering adopting this HTC smart phone for the long-term will be rewarded with extra programs to check out and updates to make the phone better than ever. Basically, the smart phone from HTC is a good buy, particularly with the Windows platform and the new hardware configurations.

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