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The HTC 7 Mozart Smart Phone is here.
Mozart Smart Phone
September 24, 2011
Most of the smartphones today have been taking advantage of the Android OS, and HTC is jumping in with everyone else with the HTC 7 Mozart; nonetheless, it has chosen to go with the Windows OS. A lot of of the company's latest devices are bigger than (Read More)
Important Tips About Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance
September 24, 2011
During the past few years, home and business security and surveillance systems have really become very technological. Very attractive creations with materials, abilities and wireless technology have put a stop to the previously popular hard wired (Read More)
Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking
Advantages of GPS Tracking
September 24, 2011
GPS, global positioning systems, can provide the time and location of any vehicle in your fleet through the use of GPS satellites. GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to effectively manage fleets. The trucking industry makes great use of this technology. (Read More)
Android Takes on iPhone Sales
Android Beat iPhone Sales
June 19, 2011
Mobile phone manufacturers compete by having the best set of specs for the price and best user interface. While these areas still remain competitive, the entire ecosystem takes into account these days as more people use smartphones. (Read More)
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