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Tips for Preserving Your Vacation Memories

September 24, 2011

Ah, holiday time! In a weary economy, many families are struggling to afford a "real" vacation - making the trips that they do get to take momentous events that must be preserved} for the sensational occasions they are! The tips that follow will assist you to keep the memory of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation fresh on your mind when you want to take a stroll down memory lane to revive the fun and togetherness you embraced as a family.

* Make a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a very fun activity, and creating a scrapbook of your vacation is a wonderful way to preserve the vacation memories you consider precious. Include objects like photographs, ticket stubs, receipts, flyers, hotel matchbooks as well as other little items that you obtained on the trip. Vacation cut-outs that relate to your vacation are a fun thing to include, for example cut-outs with a seashore theme for your visit to Orlando, Florida, or nautical cut-outs for an Alaska cruise, and for your visit to France, cut-outs of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

* Develop an album digitally. Using a digital album to exhibit your family excursion is not only a fun way to display your pictures, but also an excellent format for preserving your memories so that you'll be able to reprint your photographs if anything at all was to happen to the originals, such as harm or misplacement.

* Frame your pictures. Buy several fun 5x7 picture frames and frame the finest shots from your trip. You might also pick a collage picture frame to frame several shots at once.

* Create a shadow box. Shadow boxes are fun and reasonably priced, supplies to make them can be found at just about any big box retailer, within the craft section. Add items to the shadow box that help you remember fondly the trip you took, including a small jar of sand, some seashells, and a photograph or two from your beach vacation. This activity isn't only for grownups, you can get the kids into it too, and they can even produce their own personal shadow box to show off in their bedroom.

* Log your travels. This is a fun activity to do during vacation. Buy a simple unlined journal for detailing your travels and write in it daily as you progress on your journey, leaving a blank page after each day's journal entries for photos. Make sure you take pictures relevant to the things you write about, then when you return home you can print them off and glue them into the blank spaces in your journal. You might also pick up postcards from some of the places you visit and put them in the journal as well.

* Purchase a digital picture frame. When you return from your trip, your friends and family will enjoy viewing your pictures with a digital picture frame. This could be a picture frame that you just put on your desktop like any other picture frame - only that it plays a slideshow of your family vacation pictures, or maybe even a keychain picture frame that you can carry around on your key ring.

From arts and crafts to simple store-bought frames, there are lots of fun and creative ways to preserve all the great memories of your fun family getaways.

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