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Making Sure Our Canine Pet Is Happy

June 18, 2011

Dog Food
The most common question most dog owners ask from their veterinarians is regarding the type of food they will feed their pet dogs. As the market for dog foods provide a vast number of choices for pet owners, choosing which dog food is best for you four-legged friends is sometimes daunting. For help on this challenge, read on as we provide a list of guidelines you may ponder on when choosing which dog food you will have.

One of the first things to do when choosing the best dog is to ask friends and family about their experiences. The breeder you received your puppy from is an excellent source for determining which food is right for your new best friend. Also, you can also ask opinions from experts such as your veterinarian regarding the type of food that best suite the needs of your pet. Make sure that you inform them how much your budget is for them to consider the amount of the dog food they will be advising you.

Aside from such, your dog's age should also be looked into in the selection of its food. The type of food that dogs eat must meet the nutritional requirements for their age. Dog food specially formulated for adult dogs may not have the dietary necessities of a puppy as much as dog foods catered for pups may include ingredients not appropriate for adult dogs. Aside from such, dogs also differ in body condition. Some may be overweight while others, underweight. Hence, depending on the body condition, the nutritional necessities needed by one may be more than what the other may need. Keep in mind that when it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all.

Also, the dogs' medical condition is another factor in the selection of the appropriate food we feed them. As some dogs may suffer from diabetes, allergies, cancer, etc., the type of food we give them must have ingredients that address those types of illnesses.
Yet, the most important criterion in the selection of your dog's food is the dog's breed. A number of dog foods are specially catered for specific dog breeds. Glucosamine and calcium rich foods, for example, are often catered to larger breed dogs like Labradors, German Shepherds, Irish Wolfhounds, and Great Danes. Another important criterion though, is your dog's preference. Bear in mind that it does not always mean that two dogs of the same breed will have preference to the same type of food.

After successfully deciphering the type of food for your dog, your next decision will be on the brand type you will be selecting. The first thing you must do in selecting the better brand is checking the products label. Check the ingredients included in the product and make sure to avoid those filled with "food fillers" like wheat and grains. Do not be deceived by the commercial appeal of the product.

Overall, nutrition is as critical for your companion as it is for you. The right food is not always easy to find. You can try Hundefutter products, a German term for dog food. There is a variety of dog food products that are formulated to meet the demands of all you dog lovers out there. They have the Royal Canin Hundefutter that is made especially for our four-legged furry friends.

Finally, always remember that you are the boss. You want to give your dog the best time on earth, don't you? When your dog is healthy and happy he will be your trusted companion for a much longer time.

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