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The Obama Administration Plans to Unfreeze Banks
Obama Administration
June 26, 2013
The Obama administration released a plan to unfreeze credit by helping struggling banks to rid themselves of bad loans through a one to two trillion dollar purchase to stimulate economic activity. The news resulted in a huge stock rally , though it later cooled down as all the info was released in the presidential (Read More)
Prolonged protests could hurt 2020 Olympics bid
Protests could hurt 2020 Olympics bid
June 26, 2013
Istanbul's mayor warned Monday that prolonged protests in Turkey could turn the city's hopes of hosting the 2020 Olympics into a distant "dream."

Weeks of anti-government demonstrations in Istanbul and elsewhere in the country have largely subsided. However, with an IOC decision on the host city (Read More)
Labour: Would not borrow to reverse cuts
David Cameron
June 26, 2013
The opposition Labour Party would not borrow more money to reverse spending cuts by Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition government should it win the next election due in 2015, its leader Ed Miliband said on Saturday.

Although polls show Labour has a lead of up to 10 points over Cameron's Conservatives (Read More)
Russia rejects US extradition demands
Russian President Vladimir Putin
June 26, 2013
Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Tuesday that NSA leaker Edward Snowden is at the Moscow airport but says since Snowden has not committed a crime in that country, the government will not extradite him back – as requested -- to the United States.

Putin told media outlets Snowden (Read More)
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